Alice in Wonderland Crafts: Bringing the Story to Life Through Art

Alice in Wonderland Crafts: Bringing the Story to Life Through Art

Engaging children in crafting activities inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" is a fantastic way to spark their creativity and bring the enchanting story to life. These Wonderland-themed crafts provide a fun and interactive way for kids to connect with the classic tale, encouraging both artistic expression and storytelling.

Teacup Decorations: Use paper cups or small plastic teacups and let the kids paint or decorate them with markers, stickers, or glitter. These can be used as decorations for a Wonderland-themed room or party.

Cheshire Cat Smile Masks: Cut out large Cheshire Cat smiles from cardboard and attach a popsicle stick to hold them up. Kids can paint the smiles and add details with markers or stick-on jewels for the Cat’s mischievous grin.

Playing Card Soldiers: Have the children create their own army of playing card soldiers using cardstock or stiff paper. They can draw, paint, or use actual playing cards, adding arms and legs with brads or paper fasteners for movable joints.

Alice’s Adventure Book: Encourage children to make their own “Alice in Wonderland” storybook. Provide them with blank paper booklets, crayons, markers, and stickers to illustrate and write their version of Alice's adventures.

Wonderland Garden: Plant a small indoor garden using cups or small pots. Include flowers like roses (which kids can paint red), daisies, and other vibrant plants. Add small figures or painted rocks to represent characters from the story.

Queen of Hearts’ Crown: Craft crowns out of red construction paper or felt, and decorate them with heart-shaped stickers or cut-outs. This is a simple and fun activity for kids to role-play as their favorite Wonderland royalty.

Door Knob Hangers: Create “Enter Wonderland” door knob hangers. Kids can decorate them with images from the story, such as the White Rabbit, keyholes, or Alice herself, using markers, paint, and glitter.

Pocket Watch Craft: Make a Wonderland-style pocket watch using cardboard, paper plates, or old CDs. Kids can decorate the front and use a paper chain for the watch chain. It’s a great accessory for any White Rabbit costume.

Mad Hatter Hats: Create your own Mad Hatter hats using construction paper, fabric, or old hats as a base. Decorate with ribbons, feathers, and playing cards. This activity not only fuels creativity but also makes a great costume piece for any "Alice in Wonderland" themed event.

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper or poster board (preferably in vibrant colors)
  • Old hats (optional, as a base)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Ribbons of various colors and sizes
  • Feathers
  • Playing cards
  • Glue (hot glue gun works best for adults, but use regular glue for kids)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler


  1. Creating the Base:

    • If using construction paper or poster board, start by forming a large cylinder that fits comfortably around the head. Use tape or a stapler to secure it.
    • For a more sturdy base, you can use an old hat. Cover it with construction paper or fabric to create a blank canvas for decoration.
  2. Forming the Top:

    • Cut a large circle from the construction paper or poster board for the brim. The circle should be wider than the cylinder to give it the classic top hat look.
    • Make a slit to the center of the circle, and cut out a smaller circle in the middle that will fit the cylinder.
    • Place the cylinder through the slit and adjust so that the brim sits level. Secure with glue, tape, or staples.
  3. Decorating the Hat:

    • Wrap fabric scraps or colored paper around the hat for a vibrant look. Secure with glue.
    • Add ribbons around the base of the cylinder where it meets the brim. You can let some ribbons hang down for a more whimsical effect.
    • Glue feathers, playing cards, and other decorative items to the hat. Be as creative and eccentric as you like – the Mad Hatter’s hat is supposed to be over-the-top!
  4. Adding Final Touches:

    • For an authentic Mad Hatter look, add a card that says “In this style 10/6” (the price tag from the original story) and tuck it into the ribbon.
    • You can also add other Wonderland-themed decorations like tiny teacups, saucers, or images of characters from the book.
  5. Wearing the Hat:

    • Once the glue has dried, your Mad Hatter hat is ready to wear. If it feels loose, you can add an elastic band or a string to secure it under your chin.

Remember, the key to a great Mad Hatter hat is creativity and whimsy. There are no rules – the more eccentric, the better! This craft is not only perfect for "Alice in Wonderland" themed parties but also for creative dress-up play, drama activities, or as a unique art project.

By engaging in these "Alice in Wonderland" themed crafts, children not only delve into a world of imagination and creativity but also develop a deeper appreciation for the story and its characters. These activities provide a perfect blend of art, storytelling, and play, making them ideal for both educational and entertainment purposes.


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