Broken Bonds by J Bree: An Enthralling Fated Mates Romance - Full Book Review

Broken Bonds by J Bree: An Enthralling Fated Mates Romance - Full Book Review

Broken Bonds by J Bree Book Cover

Can I give this more than five stars? That's the question lingering in my mind after devouring "Broken Bonds" by J Bree, a novel that encapsulates the magic of a fresh and engaging take on the fated mates trope. This book isn't just a story; it's an invitation into a world pulsating with magic, suspense, and irresistible love-hate chemistry.

"Broken Bonds" whisks us away into the life of Oli, a fugitive bonded who, after a harrowing experience, has been on the run, her newfound powers burning within her, secrets she vows to keep hidden. At 19, she finds herself captured and thrust back into the bonded community, surrounded by her destined mates who are less than pleased with her elusiveness. The plot is a labyrinth of secrets and hidden desires, a dance of attraction and repulsion that keeps you ensnared from start to finish.

J Bree’s expertise in crafting an ecosystem of fascinating characters, unique scenarios, and enthralling dynamics is unmatched. The author's transition to paranormal romance unleashes an even more vibrant display of her storytelling prowess. What truly stands out is the balance struck between providing context and avoiding overwhelming the reader with unnecessary detail. The world of "Broken Bonds" is revealed in a tantalizingly gradual manner, maintaining the story's momentum while enriching the reader's understanding of its unique universe.

The heart of J Bree's narrative prowess lies in her characters – flawed, alluring, and undeniably human. Oli, our protagonist, is a portrait of resilience and vulnerability. Her internal conflicts, coupled with her altruistic nature, make her a heroine to root for, to cry with, and ultimately, to fall in love with. The ensemble of her five bonded mates – each embodying their distinct brand of alpha allure – adds layers of complexity and intrigue. Their interactions range from frustrating to heartwarming, crafting a narrative that's as unpredictable as it is engaging.

"Broken Bonds" takes the trope of slow-burn romance to new heights. The tension between Oli and her mates is palpable, a smoldering fire awaiting ignition. Their complex emotions and unspoken desires weave a narrative that is as much about their burgeoning romance as it is about their individual journeys of self-discovery and acceptance.

∘ Oli
Oli, our main character, became one of my favorite characters. She is a strong female lead, a badass with a sassy attitude, a dirty mouth and a temper.
She's compassionate and even when acting powerless, she knows how to hold her own against everything and everyone, enduring anything they throw her way (her patience - I couldn't) but not letting them push her down. She's smart, calculating and so damn powerful, I can't wait to see what else she's got in store for us.
I have to admit she annoyed me sometimes, mainly because she was being difficult, but even so, I still loved her. In the end, I got to understand her motives and all the sacrifices she made for these men ...
I'm so curious to find out what secrets she's hiding that she deemed worthy of her sacrifice.

∘ The boys
The boys are all special in their own way. I don't have a favorite, yet, but let me introduce them quickly.
- Gabe Ardern
He's the first one I started to like, such a cinnamon roll. He was hurt by what Oli did and even though he didn't show it much, he cared for her. Oh, and he's a shapeshifter ~
- Gryphon Shore
This man is the silent, broody type I love in books. He's unapproachable, but has a soft side and you can't help but swoon for him.
- Atlas Bassinger
... I can tell you love Atlas (sorry not sorry). He was the only one who wasn't mad at Oli or acting hurt for what she did, and was only interested in getting to know her, and spend time with her. Honestly? He's a huge green flag.
- North Draven
Oh boy. This man is totally a control freak who gets on my nerves, but he's also an important figure in this world and has a ton of responsibilities, probably the type who can't sleep because of the stress. I still want to slap him for how he treats our dear Oli.
- Nox Draven
My man's got some issues. That scene? No, mister. That we do not approve.
Nox has some dark powers and a bad temper - not a great combination. He's the worst of the bunch and constantly trying to hurt Oli, but honestly, I think he's just ... broken. I suspect he's been through some serious sh*t to make him the way he is.
So yeah, Nox is a jerk but I think, or rather hope, he'll come around.

This is a hate to love slow building romance, which is another thing I loved about this book, because nothing feels rushed.
The bonds are gradually forming and this is a 6 book series so I know there will be enough time for them to properly bond. I don't mind the waiting, because I'm sure it's going to be worth it.


“What I did… running away from your Bonded, the people fated to be with you, that isn’t something that happens a lot. Or ever, really. Running away from the people that complete your soul, only a fucking crazy person would do that. I am that crazy person.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“He has no idea of what I've sacrificed for him.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“How do I tell him that the nightmares are horrible but the least of our problems? If only they were the worst thing I can do.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“Nox sneers at me. “I did wonder at how you were surviving out there. I’m assuming you were selling yourself, there’s nothing else you have to offer. I'll have to wait for the test results to come back before I complete the bond and get what I’m owed from you.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. This pain is nothing compared to that.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“Better to be hated and alive, better to be in pain than a murderer, better to be alone and safe.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“Why can’t they make cute jeans that don’t squeeze your uterus like a damn vise?”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

“Or, I guess, she just wears her damage where we can all see it. I bury mine as deep as I can, as far down below my skin as possible, so I can pretend it's not killing me slowly, painfully, constantly.”
― J. Bree, Broken Bonds

What to Expect:

Prepare for a story that defies convention. This is more than just a paranormal romance; it’s a saga of rebellion, mystery, and profound connections. The world-building is immersive, with a supernatural school setting reminiscent of the X-Men but with a twist uniquely J Bree’s. Expect a fast-paced, addictively readable narrative that masterfully blends the fantastical with the emotional.

J Bree approaches sensitive topics like trauma, violence, and bullying with a careful hand, ensuring the story remains respectful and considerate of its impact on readers.

In conclusion, "Broken Bonds" by J Bree is not just a book; it's a journey through a meticulously crafted world of magic, romance, and complex characters that will leave a lasting impression.

If you've read "Broken Bonds," I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with my take on the characters? Which of the mates intrigued you the most? And if you haven't yet delved into this enchanting tale, I encourage you to grab a copy and experience the magic for yourself. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below – let's keep the conversation about this captivating story going!

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