Alice in Wonderland themed party Victorian style.

The Ultimate Guide to Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Welcome to the whimsical realm of Alice in Wonderland, where your imagination runs free and every detail is a nod to the classic tale. Ready to throw an unforgettable party that feels like a leap down the rabbit hole? This guide is your map to creating an enchanting world brimming with wonder, complete with step-by-step directions to craft the perfect Wonderland atmosphere.

Section 1: Setting the Wonderland Scene  

Subsection: Invitations to Wonderland

DIY Playing Card Invitations:

  1. Materials: Cardstock, red and black markers, gold pens, scissors, and envelopes.

  2. Instructions:

    • Cut the cardstock into the size of a large playing card.

    • Use the markers to draw the suit and number in the top left and bottom right corners.

    • Write the party details with the gold pen in the center in a whimsical font.

    • Slide into envelopes and seal with a personalized Wonderland sticker.

Teapot Shaped Invites:

  1. Materials: Patterned paper, scissors, glue, and fine-tip pens.

  2. Instructions:

    • Trace a teapot shape on the back of your patterned paper and cut out.

    • Fold in half and write your party details inside with fine-tip pens.

    • Glue a small handle and spout cut-out on the sides to complete the look.

Pocket Watch Paper Invites:

  1. Materials: Gold paper, white cardstock, brads, and calligraphy pens.

  2. Instructions:

    • Cut the gold paper into a circle for the watch's exterior and the white cardstock into a slightly smaller circle for the face.

    • Connect the two circles at the top with a brad, allowing the gold paper to swivel open, revealing the time and date written on the white 'face'.

    • Add 'A Very Important Date' at the top and the rest of the details below.

Subsection: Alice in Wonderland Party Decor Ideas

Teacup Trees:

  1. Materials: Vintage teacups, sturdy string, and a tree or frame.

  2. Instructions:

    • Tie the string securely to the handles of the teacups.

    • Hang the teacups at varying lengths from tree branches or a frame to create a floating effect.

    • Fill some teacups with flowers or LED tea lights for added whimsy.

Rabbit Hole Entry:

  1. Materials: Black cloth, fairy lights, cardboard, and paint.

  2. Instructions:

    • Create a tunnel with black cloth, draping it over a series of hoops or a bent wire frame.

    • Intertwine fairy lights throughout the cloth to mimic stars in the rabbit hole.

    • Paint a welcome sign on cardboard that reads 'This Way to Wonderland' and place it at the entrance.

Life-Sized Chess Set:

  1. Materials: Cardboard, paint, and lawn stakes.

  2. Instructions:

    • Cut out cardboard silhouettes of chess pieces and paint them in black and white.

    • Attach each piece to a lawn stake and plant them in your yard to set up an oversized chessboard.

Mad Hatter Lampshades:

  1. Materials: Old lampshades, fabric, glue, and assorted haberdashery.

  2. Instructions:

    • Strip the fabric from the lampshades and recover them with vibrant, patterned fabrics using glue.

    • Adorn with ribbons, buttons, and fringes.

    • Place them over lights or hang them as stand-alone decor pieces.

Teapot Flower Vases:

  1. Materials: Vintage teapots, floral foam, and fresh flowers.

  2. Instructions:

    • Fill the teapot with soaked floral foam to keep flowers in place.

    • Arrange a mix of colorful flowers to spill out of the spout and top for a blooming display.

Section 2: Down the Rabbit Hole with Themes and Activities

Subsection: Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

DIY "Paint the Roses Red" Game:

  1. Materials: White paper roses, red paint, brushes, aprons.

  2. Instructions:

    • Set up a painting station with the white roses secured on easels or hung from strings.

    • Provide guests with red paint and brushes (waterproof aprons are a thoughtful touch).

    • Let guests paint the roses red and offer a prize for the most creatively painted rose.

Queen of Hearts Croquet Set-Up:

  1. Materials: Croquet set, red and black spray paint, cardstock.

  2. Instructions:

    • Spray paint your croquet mallets alternating in red and black.

    • Create card soldier silhouettes from cardstock and attach them to the hoops.

    • Set up your croquet court and have a royal match of "Queen of Hearts Croquet."

White Rabbit's Treasure Hunt:

  1. Materials: Assorted Wonderland-themed items, riddles, and a treasure map.

  2. Instructions:

    • Hide items around the party area and create riddles leading to each one, themed around the White Rabbit's possessions (like a pocket watch, gloves, and fan).

    • Provide guests with a map to find the treasures, and the one who finds the most wins a Wonderland-inspired prize.

Mad Costume Contest:

  1. Materials: Props box, camera, backdrop.

  2. Instructions:

    • Encourage guests to arrive in costume, or provide a prop box with hats, boas, and glasses.

    • Set up a photo booth with a Wonderland-themed backdrop.

    • Have a costume contest with categories like "Most Authentic Alice" or "Maddest Hatter."

Subsection: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

Eclectic Wonderland Tablescapes:

  1. Materials: Mismatched teacups, saucers, teapots, tablecloths, and centerpieces.

  2. Instructions:

    • Dress tables in mixed patterned cloths or lace.

    • Use mismatched teacups and saucers at each place setting, and an array of different teapots filled with a variety of teas.

    • Stack antique books in the center and top with a teapot or a vase filled with roses for centerpieces.

Mad Hatter Seat Swap:

  1. Materials: Name cards, whimsical music.

  2. Instructions:

    • Instead of name cards, use quotes or riddles that hint at the character or theme related to the seat.

    • Periodically play whimsical music as a cue for guests to swap seats, encouraging mingling and unexpected conversations.

By incorporating these imaginative activities and decorations, you'll ensure your Alice in Wonderland-themed party is a fantastical escape into a world of wonder, play, and boundless creativity.

Section 3: Curiouser and Curiouser Cuisine

Subsection: Alice in Wonderland Party Food Ideas

"Eat Me" Cookies:

  1. Materials: Cookie dough, icing, edible markers, cookie cutters.

  2. Instructions:

    • Roll out your cookie dough and use cookie cutters to create shapes from the story, like hearts or teacups.

    • Once baked and cooled, ice the cookies with pastel colors.

    • Write "Eat Me" on each cookie with an edible marker for the final touch.

Cheshire Cat Tail Cheese Sticks:

  1. Materials: Mozzarella sticks, purple and pink food dye, a brush.

  2. Instructions:

    • Dye small portions of water with the food dye.

    • Use a clean brush to paint Cheshire Cat stripes onto the mozzarella sticks.

    • Bake as directed, and you’ll have cheesy grins all around.

"Drink Me" Potions:

  1. Materials: Tiny glass vials with corks, various juices, labels, and string.

  2. Instructions:

    • Fill each vial with different colored juices or soft drinks.

    • Cork the vials and attach labels with "Drink Me" inscribed on them.

    • Serve them on a tray, perhaps with a sign that reads, "Choose wisely."

Caterpillar Cucumber Sandwiches:

  1. Materials: Sliced bread, cucumber, cream cheese, food coloring, chives.

  2. Instructions:

    • Mix a little food coloring into cream cheese for a pop of color.

    • Spread the cream cheese onto slices of bread.

    • Layer cucumber slices and cut the sandwiches into small circles.

    • Use chives to create small antennae at the top of each sandwich.

Tweedle Dumplings:

  1. Materials: Dumpling wrappers, savory filling of choice, steaming basket.

  2. Instructions:

    • Fill each dumpling wrapper with your chosen mixture (vegetable or meat-based).

    • Fold the wrappers into half-moons, sealing the edges with a little water.

    • Steam the dumplings until cooked through and serve with dipping sauces.

Subsection: A Very Merry Unbirthday Cake

Topsy-Turvy Unbirthday Cake:

  1. Materials: Cake pans, cake batter, fondant, food coloring, supports (like dowels or straws).

  2. Instructions:

    • Bake cakes in various sizes and flavors, opting for unconventional flavors like lavender earl grey or strawberry basil.

    • Stack the cakes using supports, tilting them slightly for the topsy-turvy effect.

    • Cover with fondant dyed in bright colors and add whimsical details like edible clocks, teacups, and character figurines.

By creating these culinary wonders, you’ll ensure your guests are tickled by the tastes of Wonderland, making your party a memorable feast for all senses.

Section 5: Favors and Mementos

Party Favors to Take Home

Personalized Tea Blends:

  • Materials: Loose leaf teas, small jars or tins, labels, pens.
  • Instructions:
    1. Mix and match loose leaf teas to create unique blends. Consider flavors that might remind guests of the party theme, like Earl Grey for a classic touch or a floral blend for the Queen of Hearts.
    2. Fill each jar or tin with your tea blend.
    3. Personalize each label with the guest's name and a note that says, "A magical blend for [Name]. Remember our journey to Wonderland."

Miniature Books:

  • Materials: Paper, cardboard, glue, miniature book covers (printed).
  • Instructions:
    1. Cut the paper into small pages that, when folded, will fit into your miniature book.
    2. Stack and fold several sheets together, securing the spine with glue.
    3. Cut cardboard pieces for the cover and glue the printed miniature book covers onto the cardboard.
    4. Attach the pages to the cover, and add a personal note on the first page.

Vintage Key Charms:

  • Materials: Vintage keys (or replicas), charm rings, small tags.
  • Instructions:
    1. Attach a charm ring to the top of each key.
    2. Write a small thank-you note or a quote from "Alice in Wonderland" on the tags.
    3. Thread the tags onto the charm ring. These can be worn as pendants or used as keychains.

Alice in Wonderland Bath Salts: For a truly immersive "Alice in Wonderland" experience, invite your guests to take a piece of Wonderland home with them. Our specially crafted bath salts are not only a nod to the enchanting world of Alice but also a perfect way to relax after the party adventure.

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Each of these bath salts comes beautifully packaged, ready to enchant and delight your guests as a memorable favor from your unforgettable Alice in Wonderland party.

Section 6: Bringing It All Together

Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations Ideas

DIY Paper Roses:

  1. Materials: Red and white crepe paper, floral tape, wire, scissors, green paint.

  2. Instructions:

    • Cut the crepe paper into petal shapes for the roses.

    • Attach petals around the wire with floral tape, gradually building up the rose.

    • Paint some of the white petals with red paint to mimic the "Painting the Roses Red" scene.

Teacup Candles:

  1. Materials: Vintage teacups, soy wax flakes, wicks, scent oil (optional), double boiler.

  2. Instructions:

    • Melt the soy wax flakes in a double boiler and add scent oil if desired.

    • Secure the wick in the center of the teacup.

    • Pour the melted wax into the teacup and let it cool until solid.

Mad Hatter Bows:

  1. Materials: Fabric scraps, hot glue gun, safety pins or hair clips.

  2. Instructions:

    • Cut the fabric into strips and tie into bows.

    • Use the hot glue gun to attach the safety pin or hair clip to the back of each bow.

    • Encourage guests to wear them during the party or take them home as a memento.


Your Alice in Wonderland party is a canvas for creativity, blending the whimsical with the wonderful. These DIY projects are just the beginning. Dive into your imagination, mix in your unique flair, and watch as Wonderland comes to life at your celebration. Don't forget to capture the magic and share your own adventures in the comments below!    


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